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ESD is one of our manufacturers, a family owned company that engineers and develops mechanical and electronic payment systems for laundry facilities. Their laundry cards offer flexibility and numerous benefits to owners, operators, and customers. Call Us today to buy your cards for the ESD Card System!.


ESD sells a SmartCard Electronic Payment System, an easy-to-use and reliable tool for laundry facilities. With this system, coins are not necessary and customers can instead use their SmartCard to start their laundry. All customer information is stored directly on the card.

Vanilla Smart Cards:

An economical solution, the Vanilla SmartCard is the size of a credit card and includes a memory chip for data. The front is white and the back includes a security message and the electronic serial number (ESN).

ESD Money Cards:

A more colorful SmartCard, the ESD MoneyCard includes the ESD MoneyCard graphic on the face. The same security message and ESN are located on the reverse.

Personalized ESD Money Cards:

This MoneyCard has the ESD graphic on the front, but the reverse side has your store address and phone number printed, along with the ESN and security message.

Custom Smart Cards in Full Color:

With a personalized logo and location and phone information on the card face, this option provides the best solution in terms of marketing your brand. The reverse will include the ESN and security warning.

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