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At laundrycardking.com , we sell an assortment of laundry cards from a variety of manufacturers to be used in laundry facilities. These cards, embedded with a small memory chip, provide excellent payment systems for laundry equipment brands of all types. Laundry cards are more convenient than using coin-operated laundry equipment: they’re quick and easy to use for customers and are becoming more widespread in laundry facilities across the nation.

Take a look at what electronic laundry card systems can do for you:

  • Improve laundry equipment functionality
  • Eliminate need for coins
  • Streamline laundry management
  • Increase customer retention rates
  • Oversee laundry operations online
  • Manage service repairs
  • Raise revenue
  • Utilize wireless technology
  • Provide laundry card loyalty programs and marketing tools


Multi-Housing Laundry

We cater to multi-housing laundry payment systems, including apartment buildings, duplexes, and universities. Electronic card-operated payment systems are perfect for any type of washer or dryer you have!


Laundry card systems are convenient, making it easier for customers to have a positive experience while using your laundry facility. With a durable laundry card it is possible to increase revenue for your laundromat business.


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