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Greenwald Industries was one of the first creators and builders of the coin-operated laundry systems. In response to changing times, they have shifted their way of thinking and have revitalized their product line through Intellicard, a SmartCard payment system. Call Us today to buy your cards for the Flash Cash System!.

FlashCash Cards

Available in PVC, Key Fob, or Paper, you can add cash, credit/debit, or both to these cards. They can be ordered in English/Spanish or French. These cards are also set up with a Door Access Control System that can easily be installed and allows you to secure your laundry facility.


SmartCards can be used to pay for laundry and access secured laundry rooms. They secure large amounts of data and maintain a long life span. Custom printing is available with graphics on each side of the card and up to four different colors.

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