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Setomatic Systems is a leader in laundry payment technology and innovation. They introduced the first credit card readers to the laundry market back in 1995 and partner with several credit card companies in order to develop unattended laundry terminals. Call Us today to buy your cards for the Spyderwash System!.

SpyderWash Payment System

This completely wireless Bluetooth system allows customers to use coins, credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, RFID Contactless Credit Cards, or NFC Mobile Wallets to pay for laundry. With web-based software, it is possible to access the account from any web-connected device. Their free loyalty card program allows you to market your business effectively.

 SpyderWash Wash-Dry-Fold Loyalty Card

This payment device allows customers to pay with a loyalty card that can be recharged from any web device. Each customer’s card is tracked, including the money used as well as the balance. It is even possible to see the last time each card was used and to send out emails to customers with Loyalty Cards straight from your SpyderWash account. Customers can be rewarded for loyalty, such as offering bonuses for adding money to the card. These cards can also be used as promotions for your laundry facility: custom loyalty cards with a pre-loaded dollar amount can be mailed out or given out at promotional events.

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