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WashCard is a pioneer in laundry payment systems. With this system it is possible to reward customers, remotely activate services, and use Autopay. WashCard makes it easy to increase customer retention through their marketing tools and connects several locations and hardware under one system. With over 1 million active cards, WashCard is an expert in the business. Call Us today to buy your cards for the Washcard System!.

Prepaid Cards

In addition to accepting credit cards and coins, your machines can include WashCard’s prepaid loyalty card to cater to all types of customers. WashCard has found that machines using card payments have increased laundry machine usage of, on average, 1.5 times more per day. Card payments attract a new customer base of clients who prefer not to acquire coins to use for laundry. This system is completely wireless, meaning no cables, no conduits, and quicker installation. WashCard has the first system in the laundry industry to be PCI compliant.

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